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International Volunteer Services Organization

For those of you interested in volunteering abroad in South America and Southeast Asia, here is an organization worth looking at. Whether you are willing to teach English and French, work at an orphanage, volunteer at an organic farm, care for the mentally/physically disabled, and/or advocate for animal welfare, this would be a great opportunity to immerse yourself in not only exploring the world and learning new cultures, but also in dedicating your time to helping the less fortunate and disadvantaged. Regardless of our inherent passions in serving the world and fighting for injustice, we always need those times to refresh ourselves of the change we wish to enact in this world. For more info on the programs they offer, click here.

The organization is founded by like-minded youth who come from diverse backgrounds and have passions in cultural diversity, advocacy, and social inequality. For more info on the board, click here

YAP Supports Global Family Philanthropy

Global Family Philanthropy is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a stable home for the abandoned and orphaned children in Haiti. My memorable trip to Haiti was through this organization, and I can assure you that it will be life-changing once you go there. If you are thinking or want to get involved to make a difference to these orphans in Haiti, click here. I never realized until I went there how impoverished that country is. Everyday, there are mothers in Haiti who want to give up their child or children because they cannot afford to take care of them. Some of the orphans in the orphanage were found walking in the streets naked, orphaned at birth, or given up by their mothers and still remember but don't know why she gave them up.

It's not too late to make a difference.

YAP Supports Orphan Support Kenya

Orphan Support Kenya is a Non-Profit Community based organization in Kenya. Their mission is to provide a nurturing centre that will be a home for children and women in distress, and to educate and empower them to become self-reliant members of society. 

Listed below are some of the cases and children they are helping in the community.

Emmanuel Josephine: Age 12 years, is not only a partial orphan. The father is deceased and is living with the mother. The boy is in standard 4 also in a nearby school. The mother is not employed but relies on casual labor from neighborhood when she is in good health to feed herself and the boy. However many times they have to rely on neighbors of good will for handouts.

John Mutune,12 years, Irene Mutheu, 8yrs, and Miriam Kavindu, 10 years. This is a child headed family. They live alone in a dilapidated house and in the care of their blind grandmother. Their parents abandoned them due to domestic quarrels; however the mother visits once in a while. John who is in class six is the bread winner for the family and takes care of the blind grandmother. Although other relatives visit once in a while to take food to them; Irene and Miriam fetch water and firewood daily to cook and do their washing. They were enrolled in school with the free primary education but due to lack of school uniform attaining of formal education still remains a dream to them.

Veronica Wabua, 12 years. She lives with the mother who has several other children but who are now grown ups and have now left home to get casual labour jobs at Nairobi as “house maids” to the mother. Education is not a priority and when girls grow old they can feed for themselves and get married. Veronica, when she grows up, wishes to be a nurse, but this is a dream, because she has no support and she is not consistent in school because of the many household chores. The father abandoned the family and is hardly seen at home.

Felistus Mutindi, 8 years, and John Mbai, 5 years. They are a brother and sister. Their both parents are deceased and are living with their uncle and aunt who are daily habitual drinkers of traditional brews. They physically abuse the children and don’t care of their up keep. The children have to fed for themselves from casual labor from the neighborhood and their returns are too shared by their hosts.

Jacqueline Gaiti is a 12 year old girl who has lived and still lives and is taken care of by her great grandmother since she was six years old. The great grandmother is about 83 years old and the two live in small mud house in a ¼ an acre of land; both have to depend on each other. Their survival over the last years has been dependent on farming on the small land which most of the time is futile since the old woman does not have the strength neither does she have the money to buy the seedlings. Well wishers have come to their aid often but not always.

To view the pictures of each of these children, click here

 Click here to support and donate to Orphan Support Kenya. The children in Kenya need your help to improve their lives and bring them hope.



Youth Against Poverty Supports Stand Proud

Stand Proud provides braces and surgeries to children and adolescents who are victims of polio, accidents and/or other diseases that result in leg and foot deformities, mainly concentrated in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Handicapped in Congo are despised and often accused of being filled with evil spirits.  Even parents sometimes believe their children are cursed or being punished for some unknown evil.  Getting braces and being able to walk opens new doors.  Walking doesn't always solve all problems; many people are still cruel to the handicapped. But when they can walk and get around with dignity, they have a good chance at improving their lives. One of the big expenses for this organization is school fees for the beneficiaries. Some of these kids weren't able to attend school before they got braces, and others needed to stay up to date with classes while they are in rehabilitation. 

To learn more about Stand Proud, click here.

Youth Against Poverty Supports UMaY

Youth Against Poverty supports UMaY (Uplifting Men and Youth in Africa). Its vision is: To aid in the development of a society that lives in unity and cohesion, regardless of gender, race, tribe, or HIV status, in which communities develop and manage their own sustainable initiatives.

UMAY was established to support the following target groups:

  • HIV+ Men & Youth living in Informal Settlements (full medical, educational, counselling and support programs)
  • HIV+ Men & Youth from the wider Kenyan community (confidential counselling and support services)
  • Youth in Informal Settlements - regardless of their HIV status (supporting youth groups, sports programs, education, etc)
  • Single Fathers with Dependant Children – regardless of their HIV status (training on cooking, child nutrition, etc)
  • Elderly & Vulnerable people in Informal Settlements – regardless of their HIV status (medical & psychosocial support)

If you want to learn more about this organization, click here.

If you want to donate and sponsor this organization, click here.