Youth Against Poverty supports UMaY (Uplifting Men and Youth in Africa). Its vision is: To aid in the development of a society that lives in unity and cohesion, regardless of gender, race, tribe, or HIV status, in which communities develop and manage their own sustainable initiatives.

UMAY was established to support the following target groups:

  • HIV+ Men & Youth living in Informal Settlements (full medical, educational, counselling and support programs)
  • HIV+ Men & Youth from the wider Kenyan community (confidential counselling and support services)
  • Youth in Informal Settlements - regardless of their HIV status (supporting youth groups, sports programs, education, etc)
  • Single Fathers with Dependant Children – regardless of their HIV status (training on cooking, child nutrition, etc)
  • Elderly & Vulnerable people in Informal Settlements – regardless of their HIV status (medical & psychosocial support)

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