Resource Guide on Homeless Veterans

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Below is a comprehensive resource guide on homeless veterans that was just published today. I hope it is of great benefit to those who wish to lend a helping hand.

Resource Guide

Resources for Single Parents (with kids)

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For those of you who are single parents, divorced, or know others who are in a similar situation, here are some links that might be of great benefit. Please pass along and share to anyone who is going through such a situation. Sometimes all we need is someone who can be there for us and can guide us when we feel the weight of the world upon us.

Single Parent's Guide to Buying a Home

Single Father's Guide to Addiction and Recovery

Child Support Handbook

And here's a bonus resource: Breaking the news of divorce to friends and family

Additional Resources on Homelessness

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Here are some additional resources on homelessness for those either struggling with paying for housing and food or for those wanting to lend a helping hand. Remember, even if you can help one person or one family, it creates a world of a difference.

Homeless Shelter Directory

6 Charitable Resources for those Struggling to Pay for Housing and Food

Facts and Resources on Student Homelessness

What to Tell Your Kids When Losing Your Home

And for the pet lovers: Pets of the Homeless

Finding Shelter for Homeless Veterans

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I recently received an email from a wonderful person who is currently doing work on facilitating resources to secure housing for homeless veterans. For those of you who want to give a helping hand, below are a few that might be of great benefit.

List of Housing Resources throughout the U.S.

Resources for Homeless Veterans in the U.S.

Additional housing and medical resources for homeless veterans

Apartments for Rent for Service Members in the U.S.

And if you are located in the UK, here is a great website that helps connect homeless people sleeping on the streets to local services and support.

Ways on Helping the Homeless

Here's a crazy statistic: According to the US Interagency Council on Homelessness, there are over 500,000 people who are currently homeless in the United States. Click on the Homeless Shelter Directory for more info.

You cannot even fathom that many people without a home, living day-by-day with the compounding stresses involved with feeling like an outcast to society.

But the silver lining is that no action is too small to make a difference. This post is for those of you who want to lend a helping hand to the homeless and want to know the different ways you can make an impact on the homeless community. 

13 Essential Items You Never Thought to Donate to Those in Need

Helping Runaways and Those Suffering From Drug Abuse

Former Homeless People Share their Advice on the Best Way to Help the Homeless

The Ultimate Guide to Turning Your Home's Yard into a Community Garden

And for the animal lovers out there: 10 Incredible Ways To Help Homeless Animals Without Adopting Them

Remember, no one has become poor by giving. 

International Volunteer Services Organization

For those of you interested in volunteering abroad in South America and Southeast Asia, here is an organization worth looking at. Whether you are willing to teach English and French, work at an orphanage, volunteer at an organic farm, care for the mentally/physically disabled, and/or advocate for animal welfare, this would be a great opportunity to immerse yourself in not only exploring the world and learning new cultures, but also in dedicating your time to helping the less fortunate and disadvantaged. Regardless of our inherent passions in serving the world and fighting for injustice, we always need those times to refresh ourselves of the change we wish to enact in this world. For more info on the programs they offer, click here.

The organization is founded by like-minded youth who come from diverse backgrounds and have passions in cultural diversity, advocacy, and social inequality. For more info on the board, click here

Shoebiz and Converse collaborate to help homeless families in SF

Both Converse and ShoebizSF have collaborated to create a special series of Converse sneakers that celebrate iconic moments in San Francisco's history, such as the Earthquake of 1906, the Gold Rush, and the Golden Gate Bridge (shown respectively from left to right).

100% of all proceeds will be donated to Youth Against Poverty which we will donate to Compass. The money will support homeless and impoverished working families in San Francisco at a time when the shelter waiting list is at an all-time high.


Date of Release: 8/30

Location: Shoebiz/Dinostore 1553 Haight St, SF ca 94117

Phone Number: 415-861-3933

Price of Shoe: $60


YAP facilitates event

Youth Against Poverty is gearing up for a whole month of helping pets get adopted! Our organization will be taking part in's Pics for Pets Campaign. This project will be utilizing social media in an effort to help share animals in our local shelters. This added exposure will help to spread the word about these animals looking for a new home. These photos of animals are often accompanied by a short description of the pet's personality and the shelter where they are currently being housed. For every 400 shares, will donate much-needed supplies to the participating shelters. We are looking forward to participating and encourage all of our supporters to check out this great campaign:


Be sure to keep up with YAP's efforts via social media:


Twitter: @YouthAgainstPov


Thank you for your continued support!

New Corporate Partner: Atayne

Youth Against Poverty is excited to announce our newest Corporate Partnership with Atayne! Atayne is a sports and outdoor apparel business that is rooted in making a positive impact in the community. All of their products are made in the United States out of 100% recycled material. Atayne also focuses on worker safety by not utilizing harmful chemicals in their manufacturing process. This Certified B Corporation sells active gear for men and women as well as custom products for specific events. We are looking forward to featuring social good company Atayne clothing in our pop-up charity store this August. Youth Against Poverty encourages all of our supporters to visit their website,

Shoe Biz SF signs on for August event!

Youth Against Poverty's corporate partner Shoe Biz SF is supporting our pop-up store this August. We are very excited to hear from this local business that "Shoebiz will be 100% behind this event". This dedicated company has donated products to some of our previous events, such as the pop-up shoe store we held last summer in Los Altos. Even with their busy schedules and opening of a new store in Blackhawk Plaza, Danville, Shoe Biz has still remained involved and supportive of Youth Against Poverty's projects. We greatly appreciate the generosity of Shoe Biz SF and their tireless dedication to alleviating poverty. We encourage you to learn more about the business here:

YAP Board Meeting Today

Youth Against Poverty's Executive Board met today to discuss the upcoming pop-up store this August. Our agenda included developing a new logo, seeking more corporate partnerships and improving the upcoming store. Our goal with every new project is to build off of benefits in the past. For example, we thought that having more incentives and appeal to windowshoppers would be a great way to improve sales. We also discussed possible attention-grabbers to help attract more customers. Everyone is energized from this last board meeting and hope that all of our supporters are also excited for the latest pop-up store this August!

Pop-Up Store

The hard-working board at Youth Against Poverty has decided to reschedule the pop-up charity store to this coming AUGUST. We believe that this will be a greater opportunity since we can have an event during the "Back to School" shopping period. We will have the same beneficiaries and the drive to collect art supplies for the Feeds collaborative project. We are excited for another event to support Haitian orphans and San Franciscan families, trying to tackle both local and global poverty issues! We will announce dates and location ASAP. Thank you all for your continued support!

YAP is seeking NEW Corporate Partners

We continue to appreciate and work with amazing corporate partners like Converse, Reebok, Adidas and Puma, but we recognize the need to expand our company outreach. It is important to have diverse products and ensure that we do not exacerbate the generosity of our amazing partners! If you are a company seeking a charitable way to utilize overstocked, out of season or sample products, or could reccommend a company that is, please contact Amanda Chavez at

NEW Joint Fundraiser

Youth Against Poverty is excited to announce that we will be holding another one of our signature "pop-up" charity stores! Once again, all of our products will be donated from our generous corporate partners and a volunteer staff will operate the store.


One unique twist on this event is that it will be a joint fundraiser. Our proceeds will go to benefit both our local and global community. Our local partner is Compass Family Services, an organization based in San Francisco that helps provide services such as counseling, childcare and matching permanent housing to economically disadvantaged families ( Our other partner is Global Family Philanthropy, an Arizona-based nonprofit working to improve the living situation and health of orphans in Haiti ( We will be supporting their efforts to build and run a successful clinic in North East Haiti.


We will also be holding an art supplies collection drive through's Healing Oklahoma initiative. This drive will be providing unused supplies for on-the-ground organizations in Moore, Oklahoma. The children affected by the tornado will receive free access to theraputic and educational artistic programs to help recover from the trauma that they have faced (


We are excited for this new project, and encourage you to return to this website as well as visit our Facebook ( and Twitter (@Youth AgainstPov) often. We will announce the dates and location of the next "pop-up" charity store ASAP.


Social Media Development

All of us here at Youth Against Poverty are excited for some new projects and goals! One way to help expand our outreach is through developing social media. We encourage our supporters to check out our new Twitter ( and see the developments on our Facebook Page ( We really appreciate your continued support for our organization!  Our work would not be nearly as effective without your constant actions and encouragement!

1st Meeting in YAP's New Office

Youth Against Poverty will have its first meeting this Friday in its new office that is located in Menlo Park, CA. There the YAP team, consisting of 7 youth members, will discuss our plans for this summer such as:


  • Future fundraisers we will be holding (possibly another pop-up store)
  • How we will effectively raise awareness to more youth in our community
  • Preparing to write and draft grants
  • Re-designing the YAP website to make a more professional, youth-oriented template
  • How we will "trigger the youth's passions" by planning immersions to homeless shelters in San Francisco (Compass Family Services Children's Center) and San Jose



YAP will be awarded the Community Impact Award

Youth Against Poverty will be awarded the Community Impact Award by Compass Family Services on 4/23 at the Fairmont Hotel for raising over $25,000 towards helping children who come from homeless, working families in San Francisco, as well as donating 123 pairs of shoes to many of these children. YAP wants to thank Converse for its collaboration on various fundraisers that have helped us raise this much money, ShoebizSF for helping sponsor the fundraisers, Passerrelle and all YAP members for their support and help.

For more information about the event, click here

Youth Against Poverty donates to GFP

YAP will donate $17,000 to Global Family Philanthropy in support of building a medical clinic in Haiti.

This money we raised is from the previous pop-up fundraiser we had in June in Los Altos, Ca.

GFP has found a potential place to build a clinic in Northern Haiti, which is close to the Dominican Republic border. This clinic will serve as a stepping stone in alleviating the rapid spread of cholera, malaria, and Dengue fever that is prevalent in Haiti today.

Below is a check for $17,000 to GFP.

End of the World Launch Helps More Homeless Working Families in SF

On December 21, YAP collaborated with Shoebiz in launching the limited edition End of the World Shoes, designed by Alan Gonzalez and Kris Mestizo.

The shoes were sold at a retail price of $60 with all proceeds (100%) directed to YAP

We raised a total of $8,000 in this launch, in which we will donate the money to Compass Family Services

Compass will use this money to give full-day childcare for 70 children ages 0-5 as well as a specialized early childhood curriculum and up-to-date immunizations for all children.

We want to give our special thanks to Twitter for helping spread our event and cause by structuring our social media outreach.

Below is a cashier's check to Compass Family Services.


Changing Families Lives FOREVER!

Did you know that there are over 5,000 families with Children in San Francisco?

Did you know that there are only 3,000 registered, working, homeless families with children in San Francisco?

Did you know that $10,000 could provide full daycare for 70 at risk and impoverish children, ages 0-5, with daycare, hearing, dental, vision and proper education at Compass Children's Center?

Did you know that $2,500 could provide one month worth of hot nutritious and organic lunches for 42 preschoolers at Compass Children's Center located in the heart of the Tenderloin. 

We have two Goals to reach by Christmas.
1.The first goal is provide 3,000 homeless, working families with children with shoes.

2.The second goal is to raise another $10,000 for Compass Children's Center by the end of the year. 

This is our invitation for you to exercise your passion and love for humanity. Are you willing to help?

If yes, it's easy...

Do the following.

Tweet this message:
@converse & @shoebiz partnered to bring you these (image). Ask for these from @santa to help provide a child in need.

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