When I visited a few orphanages, I learned how differently they lived from how we live and what restrictions they have rather than us.

The biggest problem about being an orphan is that they have no privacy. Since they have to live with 20-200 people, they have no one to confide with. They never had an adult love and care for them and do not know how it feels like. Orphans have no, as we call it, "alone time". They have to share rooms, T.V, toys, games, and sometimes beds. The only items they have are their clothes.

Another problem about being an orphan is that unlike us, they cannot spend their money on what they want. They do not have the luxury to go out and spend money on whatever they want, whether it is clothes, toys, or games. Orphanages are almost always in need of money, so that places many restrictions on the orphans.

Lastly, orphans do not have as great a chance to achieve their lifelong dream, meaning most of the time they are not what they wanted to be in the future. For example, if an orphan wanted to be a doctor, there would be a very slim chance that the orphan would be a doctor since they do not have parents to guide them and encourage them. They have an orphanage director who has to take care of many orphans ranging from 20-200.

Because of all these restrictions that orphans have and all the advantages that we have, it is our duty to help them and to ensure of them of better lives. If we do not help them, that is simply unfair because we were born fortunate and they were not. Orphans deserve an equal chance to achieve their lifelong dream.