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Youth Against Poverty Supports Stand Proud

Stand Proud provides braces and surgeries to children and adolescents who are victims of polio, accidents and/or other diseases that result in leg and foot deformities, mainly concentrated in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Handicapped in Congo are despised and often accused of being filled with evil spirits.  Even parents sometimes believe their children are cursed or being punished for some unknown evil.  Getting braces and being able to walk opens new doors.  Walking doesn't always solve all problems; many people are still cruel to the handicapped. But when they can walk and get around with dignity, they have a good chance at improving their lives. One of the big expenses for this organization is school fees for the beneficiaries. Some of these kids weren't able to attend school before they got braces, and others needed to stay up to date with classes while they are in rehabilitation. 

To learn more about Stand Proud, click here.