Just to let you all know, I have already bought tickets to volunteer at Haiti from June 8 - 19. Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Ever since the devastating earthquake in 2010, the amount of poverty, jobless and hungry people, and spread of cholera has risen. I also want to shift my direction as to where to donate. The people in Haiti need much help and I will go there to volunteer at an orphanage, so I can tell you about their living conditions and what they need help the most.

I am planning on keeping a daily journal when I go there, and will share it to all of you when I get back. Also, I am planning on making a documentary as well, since honestly, not many people have made documentaries about Haiti after the earthquake.

The trip I am going to is supported by Global Family Philanthropy. To learn more about volunteering and donating to Haiti, click on their site to learn more.