Inspire the Youth Foundation is a non profit organization that is greeting you from the state of Alabama, USA and from our affiliates and/ or programs in Burundi, Mali and Zimbabwe, AfricaOur aim is to support the lives of the children who are being cared for by their grandparents, brother(s) or sister(s) or an agency Our direct impact is focused on education and the well being of the child. Inspire the Youth pays for school fees, purchases school materials (uniforms, shoes, sweaters, tracksuits, etc.) and school supplies (books, paper, pens, rulers, etc.) as well as providing access to medical attention.  Thus, we are always looking for assistance to keep this effort moving along such as:


  • Shipping collected items to benefit the needy
  • Sponsor the education and health of orphaned, vulnerable and deserving children
  • Sustain affiliate centers (supply rural areas with farming materials & classroom necessities)
  • Provide boreholes in city and rural areas (need access to clean water)
  • After-school programs such as sports that help in building a motivated character 
  • Structure income generating projects for sustaining development to help widows and elderly
  • Provide lunch lines in impoverished areas
  • Contribute to the youth community service projects (clearing debris, planting trees & mentoring peers)
  • Building of a children homes and education centers

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If you want to donate to this organization, their address and contact is:

P.O. Box 831209
Tuskegee, Alabama 36083

If you want to contact Dingani Nkuchwayo (founder and director of Inspire the Youth), his email is